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In ritardo, ma ci sono tutte. Ecco le cover stories di Marzo!

A bit late, but here they are: the cover stories for the month of March!

This is too good to be true.

Thank you once more, Italian Photographers.


"Italian Photographers" incontra Luca Adamo (meeting Luca Adamo) →



Fotografo / Photographer: Luca Adamo


Luca Adamo nasce a Roma “in uno di quei giorni di aprile in cui i Beatles registravano Abbey Road” come lui stesso precisa, definendosi poco più giovane di una Hasselblad che usa da qualche mese. La passione per…

Thank you so much, Italian Photographers: Andrea, Sharon and all the staff, you have been so kind to me, giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Have you all a beautiful Sunday.


The darkest trip.

My view from the Shard.

This goes to Urban Culture, londonwalkrItalian Photographers and Gray Card, to say thanks for their recent reblogs, and to all of you who are following me with your affection.

Have a nice weekend,


Important update for the Save Lensblr Campaign! →


This is overdue by a few days but a lot has been happening that isn’t finalized yet and we will announce details as soon as certain things become more clear.

We have raised $2750.00 US for Lensblr which is phenomenal but well short of our goal, however, we are going to stop right here. We will…